of serving the patient using osteo software


the visit

  • patients, specialists, and offices database
  • different calendars – day, week, and month
  • several view modes: specialists, offices, planned visits, availability
  • specialist availability apparent in the schedule
  • overbooking detection – based on specialists, offices, and clients
  • enhanced visits queue module – related to the specialist, planned visit, its priority and status
  • intuitive presentation of visit status – confirmed, prepaid


with the customers

  • “just one click” – to send personalized SMS to the patient
  • automatic client response analysis
  • multiple SMS (when patient has more than one visit scheduled for one day)
  • sending memo – SMS or e-mail with scheduled date of the visit
  • automatic reminder – SMS/e-mail sent several days before the visit
  • phone call – quick access to all relevant patient data


of the patient in the clinic

  • thanks to tablet connected directly to the osteo database, patient can provide all his data and consent to data processing by himself
  • osteo is integrated with Polish P1 medical system
  • therapists can use ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes
  • special view designed to mark injuries on the human silhouette


between the specialists

  • remote consultations – no need for specialist meetings
  • service history – descriptions, graphic chart, time filter, documentation
  • consultations history – other specialist opinions
  • consultation need notifications
  • personalized care – patients visits tracking,
    next visit schedule reminders (i.e. periodical check-ups)
  • coordination – specialist work support (supervision)