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tablet in the waiting room
Shifting reception work onto the patients will decrease the load for you and your staff, and the collected data will be more accurate. After all, who knows best how to correctly spell their own name if not the person themselves?
OSTEO has developed a special tablet application that integrates with our system. Thanks to it, you can hand a tablet to patients waiting for their appointment and ask them to enter their personal information into the system. You can attend to other tasks while the patient fills in their account details and even marks the consents required for treatment and processing of their data — all benefits.
If you’re concerned that the patient might gain access to other patients’ data through the tablet, we assure you that this is not possible. The tablet does not contain a patient database, and the data entry form is sent to the tablet for each patient separately and removed from the tablet after being uploaded to OSTEO.
But that’s not all — our tablet application also allows for the upload of a survey that can be filled out if the wait time extends.
Choose OSTEO and make the patients work for you.


OSTEO incorporates clever solutions that will appeal to both you and your patients. Osteopathic facilities often have high patient demand. As a result, a patient may be scheduled for a distant appointment or placed on a waiting list, with a chance of getting a freed-up slot.

The optimal solution would be to utilize both of these approaches simultaneously. However, scheduling for the next available appointment and simultaneously placing the patient on a waiting list requires the receptionist’s much greater attention to avoid leaving canceled appointments in the schedule for those who came from the reserve list. With a larger number of patients, this approach is not effective and is not practiced, or it leads to a multitude of errors.

It’s no secret that difficulties in finding an appointment can deter patients. That’s why in OSTEO, we’ve come up with an optional reservation! A patient can be added to the waiting list with the appropriate priority, preferred day, and time for the appointment. Additionally, in the first available slot, an optional appointment is scheduled, which is linked to the waiting list. This way, if a patient slots into a freed-up window, the system will automatically inquire whether the originally scheduled appointment is valuable to the patient or if it’s already unnecessary and should be deleted from the calendar.

In OSTEO, you can immediately identify your most active patients. For example, those who have the highest number of completed visits or have been with your company the longest. On the other hand, we also provide you with tools to check which patients have been inactive recently. For every practice or clinic owner, this data can be used, for instance, for successful marketing campaigns.

From an osteopath’s perspective, filters that allow you to list patients who cancel the most appointments can be extremely useful. They contribute to reducing queues and effectively decreasing the revenue of your facility.

You can check this data for different time intervals and, most importantly, sort it by the reason for appointment cancellation.
Finally, you can mark patients who pose the most problems in the system and use them as one of the factors in setting priority in situations where more than one person is waiting for an appointment.


At OSTEO, we understand that navigating through payments can sometimes be dizzying. The situation is straightforward if the payment was made during booking or immediately after the visit. Problems arise when a patient, for some reason, couldn’t make the payment, or the visit was paid from an excess of previously deposited funds.
OSTEO allows you to instantly identify patients with such transactions using filters that show “Overpayments” and “Outstanding payments”. Additionally, in the system, you can quickly locate users who have established “Custom payment rates”.
As for the process of determining who should be offered a discount, the ability to display a list of patients sorted by the “Highest amount paid” will certainly be useful.
With OSTEO, managing osteopathic practices is easy.

In OSTEO, you also have other very useful search criteria at your disposal. Did you know that with them, you can find individuals whose first and last names are entered multiple times in the database? This allows you to quickly reach the accounts of patients who have been accidentally entered into the system more than once. Data consistency can also be checked by selecting the criteria of Repetition by phone number. In this case, you can check if multiple patients have the same phone number entered. Typically, this indicates a possibility of an error during data entry or the existence of multiple patients using the same number, such as a patient registered with a maiden name and again later with changed surname. For a more complete treatment history, such accounts should be merged into one.

In OSTEO, thanks to the criteria of advanced search, you can find patients who have certain data missing. You can find patients who haven’t provided a phone number or PESEL (Personal Identification Number), or search for those who haven’t yet provided their email address. If you select the “Lack of Consent” criterion, you can search for all those who haven’t expressed a specific consent in your database. For example, you can find those without all the required consents or without consent for data processing or provision of healthcare services.

OSTEO has an advanced patient search system.
Quick search is always at your fingertips! In the top bar, there is a window where, by entering just two letters, patients whose first or last names contain the entered phrase appear. Typing more letters allows you to narrow down the list. But that’s not all!
Advanced search is available in the menu Patients -> Search. It offers multiple criteria that allow you to refine the search for a specific patient, but above all, it enables finding groups of patients with specific attributes.

If you run a medical or osteopathic practice or if you’re a clinic owner, you need to have access to accurate reports regarding your business activities. In OSTEO, such data is readily available and provides summaries of your facility’s operations in terms of payments or visits. Simply go to the Reports tab and select Payments or Visits to examine detailed figures.
Thanks to the availability of numerous filters, the results can be appropriately narrowed down and tailored to your specific needs. The generated outcomes allow you to assess the performance of therapists and maintain control over your company’s financial achievements.
You don’t have to worry about the usability of this feature either. The filter panel is intuitive and visible at a glance.
Purchase OSTEO and ensure control over your business.

OSTEO has a unique feature in the market. Thanks to it, choosing the right patient who is waiting for an appointment becomes no longer a challenge.
Using a marker allows you to replace a marathon of phone calls and tedious scheduling with successive patients into a simple task.
In OSTEO, the hierarchy of patients in the queue is decided by the following factors:

– the order of registration – the earlier the registration, the higher the patient is on the list,
– patient priority – often associated with an urgent condition,
– patient availability – a declaration of the days and hours when they can be scheduled without consultation.
The marker is the culmination of this system.
The system user drags a rectangle with the word “marker” in the calendar from the waiting list to the available appointment, and after stretching it to the size of the appointment, they receive an optimized list of patients. Only those for whom the marked appointment fits are left on the waiting list, sorted by priority, and if they have the same priority, they are placed in order of registration.
At this point, selecting the optimal patient for this appointment boils down to dragging the first one from the list, and it is almost certain that it is the most needy patient among those who will show up for the visit.

Registering patients for available appointments is an easy task. All that is required is to select a therapist and an available time slot that suits the client. Unfortunately, it often happens that a patient experiences acute pain or a problem arises, for example, before an important trip, and all possible time slots are already taken. Most osteopaths and other highly regarded specialists are grappling with finding a solution to this problem.
This issue is difficult to solve without resorting to cancelling previously scheduled appointments. It would require a lot of effort to contact the patient who was already scheduled, as well as to coordinate with patients in urgent need. What’s worse, it would certainly damage the reputation of the company.
The solution turns out to be scheduling such patients in slots that have become available due to canceled appointments. However, this approach requires dealing with the problem of choosing among many patients with urgent appointment needs and multiple confirmations whether a particular time slot is suitable for such a patient.
When creating OSTEO, we tried to find a solution that would allow for efficient management of registrations in such situations. Therefore, we offer functionality that allows assigning priority to a patient and recording the time slots in which they are ready to show up in case of a cancellation. Combining these two pieces of information makes scheduling such appointments easy.
This is not only a promise. Our solution exists and has been working for several years in clinics that deal with a large number of urgent and important cases.

Did you know that with OSTEO, you can have your daily appointment schedule with you at all times?
On any mobile device. In your own calendar. Without any additional applications.
We know that it’s more convenient to check your calendar on your smartphone than to log in to a system.
With a few simple steps, you can ensure that every appointment entered in OSTEO is transmitted directly to your Google calendar.
And even if you use a calendar app from another company, most such apps have the option to set up Google as an additional data source.
You can use your favorite app and keep track of your OSTEO appointments.

OSTEO provides you with cheap and reliable access to the fastest communication channel with patients. Unlike emails, SMS messages are usually received instantly. However, unlike equally fast phone contact, SMS leaves a text trail that the patient can read at a convenient time and then return to the information contained in the message if necessary.
At OSTEO, we have prepared a unique solution for you that is unparalleled in the market. You receive a special modem with the system, into which you can insert a sim card from any operator. This means that if you negotiate better conditions with another GSM service provider, you can change the sim card in the modem to another one. We know that it’s best to have 100% control over your company’s expenses.
Most contracts with operators currently have an unlimited number of SMS messages, so your costs will be low and fixed. You will never encounter hidden costs for exceeding the number of messages sent – everything is transparent with us. We leave the hooks to fishermen.

In OSTEO, there is a flexible payment recording system that accompanies each visit.
It’s easy to use because it suggests rates that each therapist has set in their profile,
so in the majority of cases, there’s no need to enter the amounts manually.
For regular or key clients, the system allows you to set individual payment rates.
From experience, we know that nothing builds client loyalty like preferential service conditions.
OSTEO offers various payment options, including cash, card, and bank transfer.
What’s more, the system can handle situations where a visit is paid for from an overpayment from another visit.
Plus, the ability to combine multiple payment types within one visit gives you even better adaptability of the software to the daily situations you may encounter.
Additionally, the payment history allows you to check the current status of settlements with each patient.
Using reports and their advanced filters, you can track facility activity summaries, transactions, earnings, or revenues.
OSTEO is adapted to real needs.
It will help you collect and analyze important data without additional work.

Using OSTEO you can get in touch with patient in several ways.
Most patients use text messages, but they can also pick e-mail or phone call.
Thanks to ability to save preferences of every client, you no longer have to wonder
which communication channel to use in order to contact one of your patients.
And if you are afraid, that this approach will cause problems,
then we can assure you, that not only your clients will be happier, but it will take a lot of work burden out of your head.
How is this possible? Firstly, you contact your patient in the way, they ask you to.
Secondly, OSTEO will send messages automatically.
All customers, that wanted to be contacted via text message or email, will receive personalized visit confirmation.
Later, directly before an appointment, the system will ask them if they still want to attend the meeting.
Thirdly, OSTEO will process these responses and confirm specified visits.
Our long term statistics show, that only small percentage of patients chose phone contact, and amongst those, who chosen digital form of contact
only about 10% provides ambiguous response which hit “to be checked” list and needs to be double-checked by the personnel.
All this means a lot less work for you and your employees.

In OSTEO every osteopath or physiotherapist has a schedule where he can enter his working hours.
If you need to work in several different clinic locations, the schedule is ready to cover that case.
System allows you adding absence for reasons such as holiday, sick leave, training, delegation or temporary change of work location.
It’s not uncommon for a therapist to be willing to make an appointment beyond the schedule.
For this purpose, you can extend the hours of admission on a given day.
Even complete reorganization of the day is easy with OSTEO.
Thanks to the override function, you can radically and quickly change the schedule.

Every single element of the OSTEO system have been created as a response to the needs of our customers.
One of the most important problems in treatment that almost all the osteopaths and physiotherapists we talked to struggled with
was the lack of a coherent patient history, files containing patients documents and tools that would enable the flow of this information.
At the OSTEO, we have developed a system that helps to introduce coordinated patient care with easy access to the data.
The therapist can describe the health problem, additionally marking the physical location of injuries on the human silhouette. He can set the date of injury, and access to other historical records visible on the timeline.
The osteopath or physiotherapist can also insert a consultation into the visit or write a separate note about the patient, not concerning any particular visit.
In both cases, he can set up a notification in order to inform other therapist about any treatment progress of this patient.
To keep an eye on the pulse, OSTEO also allows the therapist to set a notification if the patient makes an appointment with another therapist.
Lastly, physiotherapist or osteopath taking care of the patient has access to his document files like x-rays etc. collected directly in the OSTEO system.
Described mechanisms of OSTEO allow for easy diagnosis and implementation of treatment with smooth cooperation of several specialists, and trouble-free switch to post-treatment rehabilitation.

OSTEO will help you to understand, what is happening in your clinic and to manage it efficiently.
Thanks to statistics in the form of tables and charts, you can easily walk through who was active in the system and when.
You can see therapists statistics, check their effectiveness or even compare them.
OSTEO system allows patients statistical data analysis.
You might be interested in information where patients found your company, or which of them cancel scheduled visits the most.
A wide set of filters gives you not only ability to set precise timeframe but also to separate data from different clinics locations, therapists/doctors specializations, or even narrow it down to single users.
Statistics are generated in the form of spreadsheet.
Thanks to that, further data processing of collected information doesn’t require high qualifications.

OSTEO is a software for physiotherapy and osteopathy that greatly facilitates running your business, no matter if it’s a private practice or a clinic with many departments.
Thanks to our original hardware solutions and unique algorithms, you can get rid of a significant amount of work and substantially reduce operating costs.
OSTEO will be handy wherever you need to make an appointment, consult a diagnosis, record payments, organize office work, manage employees and offices of the therapists.
From the very beginning, our system has been created in cooperation with the best osteopaths and physiotherapists.
Every single function is an answer to an actual problem that our customers have encountered.
Thanks to that, OSTEO is comprehensive in operation but still intuitive to work with.

OSTEO has an advanced office management system.
For each appointment system is booking an office.
At first, an office with required equipment like ultrasound or x-ray will be taken into consideration.
As a second option, OSTEO will use an office, that is set as default for the given therapist.
The third option is to book the first available office.
Finally, the system checks if the selected office is available and can detect conflicts.
This allows staff to save the visit quickly and resolve possible conflicts later on.
Additionally, in OSTEO some offices like gym can be set to be available for several therapists at the same time.

With OSTEO you need less employees to operate the clinic,
because patients can book their visits online and pay for it using quick payments.
Appointment summary SMS are being sent automatically by the system.
What’s more, the system will send a request to confirm patient’s presence before the appointment and will analyze the answer by itself.
Thanks to OSTEO you become independent of employees’ knowledge.
It used to be like a disaster when a key receptionist left the clinic.
Now the whole knowledge stays in the system.
Intuitive system operation almost immediately makes new employees valuable for the company.
OSTEO has a wide range of solutions supporting bigger clinics:
– managing many business locations in one system
– calendar filtered by the location
– patients data, consents, and surveys can be filled by patient using tablet in the reception
– messages and personnel tasks integrated in the system
– advanced reports and statistics
– patient arrival indication in the system
– profiles to narrow down calendar view in case of too many therapists or offices
– rights system to create users with different views and custom levels of access to data
– invalid patient data detection system
– detection of conflicts in case when several patients were scheduled for one office or therapist
– quick system installation – ready to use even in one day.

OSTEO reduces workload. How?
Patients can book visits online on their own – they choose a convenient date without even bothering you.
They can use quick online payments – which greatly decrease the number of cancelled visits, plus you will no longer have to worry about loose change.
Visit booking notification and reminder before the visit are sent automatically by the system.
OSTEO interprets around 90% of patient responses, to know if they will appear for the visit, and if they do,
they can provide their data and consents using a tablet connected directly to the system.
Google Calendar synchronization allows you to keep track of your schedule and get visits reminders as well.
OSTEO will let you have customers and treatment data, referrals, visits calendar and urgent cases queue in one system.
All this will definitely make your work easier, especially since OSTEO is so intuitive to use.

Canceled appointments, especially missed appointments where the patient does not show up, are a thorn in the eyes of all therapists and clinics. The notification and automatic confirmation verification system developed by the OSTEO team is the answer to this problem. In a little more than six years of work for one of our clients, 10% of scheduled appointments were canceled.
Thanks to the cancellation information and the quick response of the front desk, 95% of them were able to be re-scheduled.
For this particular client, that’s as many as 15,000 appointments that could have been replaced.
At an average price of PLN 100 per visit, that’s as much as PLN 250,000 in saved revenue per year!

OSTEO is probably the only software on the market that allows you to have all physiotherapy or osteopathy reception components on your own server. What does it give you?
The data is safe and under your full control – you can physically cut it off from the network at any time or quickly move it to any other place.
You can match hardware with your needs. Small, energy-saving and 100% silent, or lightweight and portable with its own battery, or rather powerful and easy to expand.
You can plug in a modem provided by us and send an unlimited number of SMS using the cheapest GSM subscriptions on the market.
On the other hand, if for some reason you would prefer OSTEO to be installed on external hosting, this option is also available with our software.

The basic work of the reception at a rehabilitation or osteopathic
facility is to arrange patients’ visits and confirm whether they will
appear at the appointment. In OSTEO, patients can make an appointment on their own through the phone app or using the website, completely taking this problem off the shoulders of the reception. The OSTEO system by default sends SMS reminders about the visit and, thanks to advanced algorithms, automatically classifies patients’ SMS responses.
One of the clinics using OSTEO software has sent over 149,000 SMS
reminders over the last 6 years. 81% of patients’ responses were automatically classified by the system as confirmation of the appointment 9% as a cancellation of the visit only 10% of responses required manual verification of SMS response, or telephone contact. That’s 90% less work for the reception! Even using a conservative estimation, that each call to the patient to confirm an appointment takes 1 minute, saves you: 2,250 minutes of work, this translates to 280 days, and that’s over 1 year of work for a full-time employee, i.e. PLN 40,000 savings for the employer, assuming a salary of PLN 3,500 per month!

Did you know, that from July 1, 2021, physiotherapists active in Polish health care system, are obligated to send data concerning healthcare services provided to their patients to the P1 platform? Based on Article. 56 of the Act on the information system in healthcare, such obligation applies to both professional practice and therapeutic entities.
The data transferred to the P1 platform, apart from the information
about who, to whom, when and where, also requires specifying what ICD-9 procedures were performed in relation to the specific diagnosis of ICD-10. As OSTEO system creators, we were amongst the first companies on the market to introduce integration with P1 platform. We have been allowing our customers to use ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes as well.
Thanks to OSTEO, your e-documentation will be complete and adapted to the current Polish legal requirements.

If you think, that reception desk is too expensive for your budget, but you are afraid of your patients calling you 24/7 for an appointment?
We have a ready solution! Your patients can book visits on their own.
Conveniently, via the Internet, with fast payments guaranteeing a lot
fewer canceled visits.
Patients will thank you for this. Why? Nobody likes calling repeatedly to reception and wait until someone finally picks up.
Thanks to OSTEO, you can switch to modern solutions and become
independent from
reception staff without taking over their responsibilities

Implementation of purchased software can take even months. OSTEO team knows, that nobody likes to wait for the desired results. We install OSTEO on your server, so you can be completely independent of third-party services. This way, you can have full, physical control over your company and patient data.
If you already have a machine, where we can install OSTEO, configuration of the system can be completed even in one day!
You may say, that there are services, that look similar, and all you
have to do is to create account for your company and log in.
You have to know, that these applications usually do not have many key features, for proper e-documentation like synchronization with the P1 platform, inexpensive SMS notifications, or online appointments booking with fast web payments. You also have no physical control over your data.
Don’t waste your time on half measures and try OSTEO.
We give you our word that if you will like OSTEO, we will launch it in your company at an express pace.

If you are afraid that you or your employees will not be able to handle electronic medical documentation.
If you work with paper calendars because software you were offered were too complicated.
If you’re used to falling asleep during long and tiring training
sessions that no one understands.
Try OSTEO – with our application, all your worries will vanish.
After 15 minutes, you will make an appointment for the first patient.
After an hour-long presentation, you will understand all the most
important functions of the system.
Enter the world of e-documentation with confidence. You can do it with OSTEO!